"If you're a fabulous outsider who believes in equality, you might just be a Rebellious Unicorn. Our company was founded with one goal in mind: create new, welcoming and inclusive opportunities for people to gather and celebrate. We're dedicated to leading positive change in the Okanagan, and ensuring all are welcome under the Rebellious Unicorns umbrella. Join us... you won't regret it!"
Dustyn Baulkham
Founder & Executive Producer

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Event Organization

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Event Activation

We Know The LGBT2Q+ Community

We understand how important your brand is and have experience working with large multinational corporations.
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What makes us

Before Rebellious Unicorns began, there was a lack of consistent LGBT2Q+ focused events and initiatives in the interior of British Columbia. Some of our events have been bringing the community together for nearly 3 years. We are constantly striving to do more to build a stronger more connected community.

Since incorporating in late 2017, Rebellious Unicorns has raised over $30,000 for charities and this number continues to grow with each even that we run.

We have 10+ years working with the LGBT2Q+ communities through various local and national non-profits, large corporations and small business. During this time we have also had the pleasure of working with First Nations, New Comers and People with Disabilities. 

Causes We Love

Etcetera Youth Group

Over $7,000 Raised

100% of the MX door fee in addition to other events have raised over $7000 for Etcetera Youth Group.
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Kelowna Pride Society

Over $2,300 Raised

Through partnering on events we have profit shared over $2,300 with the Kelowna Pride Society
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Paws it Forward Dog Rescue

Over $12,000 Raised

Through the creation of Dirty Mutter in 2018, our attendee's have helped us raise over $12,000 for Paws it Forward.
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Okanagan Boys & Girls Club

Over $1,100 Raised

The 2nd Annual Black Mountain Cub Crawl raised over $1,100 for Pink Shirt Day led by the Okanagan Boys & Girls Club.
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